Talk about Growing up…

It’s happening again, they’re still growing and learning, and it happened over night! Yesterday something clicked in Tucker’s brain.
The sight words he’s been working on for over a year now, are really starting to fall into place, and he is beginning those baby steps in reading! I don’t know what happened between yesterday morning, last night and today, but this morning, I could hear the boys downstairs, and couldn’t figure why they weren’t coming out for breakfast. Thinking they were getting in trouble, I decided to investigate… I found Tucker ‘reading’ to Truman down in there room. This has never happened, in fact Tucker really shys away from reading to Truman, when sugguested he try it, he acts like it’s something overly painful, and can’t believe I would even think of asking him to do it.
So it is a big deal that they spent 20 minutes ‘reading’ together. During Breakfast Tucker told me “I wasn’t really reading, we were just talking about the books and the pictures”.
I’m not sure if it’s because we rearranged the boys room yesterday putting the bookshelf in their room that encouraged this, (we starting to get ready for baby, and finally they are past the phase of pulling ALL the books off the shelf), or just the fact Tucker is realizing he can read by himself (which he can, especially the words I, a, the and you) but whatever it is.. I JUST LOVE THESE MOMENTS~

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There is something so special about siblings doing this kind of stuff together. I love it. Everytime it happens at our house I get all emotional and say to myself… “see… having two kids close together WAS a good idea.”

I am always amazed at what kids know and understand. they are so much smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. Thanks for always making me stop and remember that it is the small things that are important to remember!

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