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Before my Eyes….

My children are growing older, and the last few weeks it seems like I can visually see them getting bigger on a DAILY basis.

This week is safety week at Tuck’s school. Which he is still loving (if he can just get used to the going every day thing 🙂 )

They have had so many great activities to promote safety: walk to school day (using the cross-walks, etc.), ride your bike to school day (wearing the proper gear)–seeing him riding there especially made him seem so grown up, even with the training wheels,

Bike Obstacle Course, get/decorate a bicycle helmet day (which he wore for a few days, including at breakfast),

track your steps with a pedometer for a day, Stranger Danger Day, Celebrity (local College Mascots) Crossing Guards, water bottles and tomorrow they are giving away two free bicycles per classroom. Tucker has LOVED this week. And watching him participate, and talk about this stuff, makes me realize how BIG he is, not just how big he seems.

Truman too has grown into being a preschooler. Complete with the dress up/superhero/rollerskating antics..

Not one ounce of baby left in him. NONE. He has always been pretty independent, but recently, he just looks older, acts older, and of course actually is older.

But I don’t like watching it happen. it makes me want to freeze time.:) But it is inevitable, and I do love watching them learn. Here are some pics from our field trip to the firestation today, where yet again, I kept looking at Truman and wondering where this grown up boy came from…

And a big deal to Truman, being able to take his own lunch to school, in his own spiderman lunch box…

For now, I am going to treasure the fact that my boys are still small enough to get excited about bike days and lunch boxes. I hope that as they grow up, they’ll still share the things that make them happy with me. Because these boys make me happy.

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Isn’t it amazing how kids do that to us? They really are big boys, but so much fun. I loved the picture of him riding his bike to school, with the training wheels. That is just adorable. They are lucky that you chronicle things so well for them so someday they’ll be able to remember all these fun things.

My kids are growing up to fast too. Maybe we should all move to Neverland :). Your boys are sure cute growing boys.

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