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Family Vacation Day Seven–Still the Happiest Place on Earth?

We weren’t able to see everything in one day, especially with the crowds, a pregnant me, and late starts in the mornings…so we decided to head back!!
So many fun things this day!
As always, these maps are so fun to look at:

Mom and I waited in the forever long Nemo line, while everyone else went to the Maderhorn: (Did I spell the right, I don’t think so)

And Tucker was nervous about seeing the Abominable Snowman:

After the ride, we were still waiting, and I wasn’t feeling super hot, so I was hanging out in the strollers,

But it was worth the wait, as it was one of Trus favorite rides:

Truman was worried about being able to breath in the submarines, but after the lady who drove the ride assured him that it was okay, there was air, he was great!

Fantasy Land:
By SnowWhite’s Castle (I’m holding the poisoned apple)

Pinocchio Ride:

The kids didn’t actually go on the teacups, but they did sit in the one on display:

On the storybook village boat:

Heading to the whale:

inside the whales mouth:

They had the cutest little houses on this ride:

Also on this ride, the lady was telling us about all the houses and whose belonged to whom, when explaing Cinderella’s Castle she said, Do you hear the Clock, and see the pumpkin, Cinderella better hurry, we all know what happens when the clock strikes 12. To which Truman replied on the edge of his seat, “What? What happens?” Cute boy.
We saw the Mad Hatter and Alice too:

And of course the crazy Merlin:

The big kids then left for Space Mountain, and mom I and took the boys on the classic Dumbo Ride. I love this ride!
Tucker and I rode behind Grams and Tru:

Truman didn’t want to get out at the end. And sat mopping while I tried to explain about it being another little kid’s turn. Apparently he loved it too!

I love how they give you the magic feather to hold—

Sweet Tucker and I had a great time flying together. I love this shot!

The carousel is the best carousel I have ever been on, can’t tell you why. Just the memories I think:
Sweet Tru:

And Tuck:

And the cute wave:

Tucker was quite particular about what horse he chose to ride, a fast one, he would say :

At first Truman was sure that he wanted Grams on, then he wanted her off. Good thing Grams is a good sport!

Trying to get the sword out, look at Tucks face:

Of course there was more waiting in line, love this shot of Tru:

Here’s a funny one of Amy trying to get Eric to eat some gum:

Sweet Tuck and Toph:

Tucker also spent time in a few of the lines listening to Wicked. He loves the soundtrack, and sings along with it. One of his new passions:

And a little kiss from my Tru-bee:

Eric and Tru:

At Lunch, Tuck took over Camera Duty, love these shots:

We also went on the Jungle Cruise:
Love Eric’s Face in this shot:

On the boat:

And the train:

After a few other rides, we decided we had hit most of the ones in Disneyland that we had wanted, and decided to head over to California Adventure. Toph took these pictures of us walking across, fun Candid Shot:

Where we started the Muppet 3D movie. The boys know who the muppets are, and I enjoyed the humor in this one too! A cute Show.
Group Shot:

The one constant, was the lines:
Toph and Tuck:

Tru and Eric:

This activity always helped pass the time, the good old scrunching face game:


The Monsters Inc. Ride was lots of fun too:
In line:

Our Monsters pretending to be Monsters:

Getting on:

Hurray for Boo:

Loving it:

At the end this lady talks to you. Here she is talking to Amy and I, we were laughing so hard because she said something to amy and I like, “Hey you two in the back, are you guys twins?” We were surprised and said, No, to which she replied, “Sorry, all you humans look alike.” We thought it was hilarious.

Our first Wall-E Sighting, a poster:

We ended the night, with the good old Classic Electric Parade, I remember it from when I was a kid. We found some good spots,

and I had my evening snack:

Truman fell asleep, like literally two minutes before the parade started,

and we couldn’t get him to wake up!

here’s a video I found on Utube:

A great and happy day.

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Family Vacation Day Six–Resting up

When we go on the vacation, something we always check is the pool, as the best place to be is the pool–Especially when you’re five and three. We had so much fun.
Amy and Tuck:

Eric and Tru:

Grams and Tuck:

One of the best things about being at a pool with your dad is this:

And some good reading:

There was also some good laying out going on (love the head gear):

Play, play, play:

And of course, a good game of Chicken:

Then resting up, and off to Coronada Del Mar Beach, to see if we could see the dolphins or sea lions. Unfortunately there were so many people there, we didn’t get to see any dolphins or sea lions. And we didn’t really get dressed to really ‘beach it’,

but we did spend a few minutes playing, drawing in the sand,

running from the waves(the boys had their swim trunks on),


and finding these things–

Again, wish we could live near the beach, to be here more often…
Another great day.

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Family Vacation Day Five–The Happiest Place on Earth

No trip to Cali is complete with out a trip to DISNEYLAND!!!! We had so much fun, and let me tell you, going to Disneyland is so much more fun,(especially when you are pregnant), when there are 6 Adults and 2 Children. There was always someone different to wait in line with, and ride the rides with. We had so much fun. Thanks again Mom and Dad and Amy and Eric!
Again, the highlights:
The race to see who can get cash faster, Dad or Toph:

Dad won. He claims it’s because he has more experience! 🙂
Snacking on the way there:

We started in Toontown:

Met Goofy (the only picture that Tucker would get in with any character…he decided that since the grown up’s weren’t doing it, he didn’t need to either. He likes to do whatever dad is doing.)

Like Drive Trolleys:

Or go to Jail (Well maybe his dad hasn’t done that!):

Eric and Truman are so strong 🙂 !

Fun rides at toon town:

Including the rollercoaster:

We spent alot of time in lines:

Met Minnie Mouse:

Went on the ride Truman has been wanting to go on since we decided to go to Disneyland, Pirates of the Carribean:

thumbs up!

Winnie the Pooh:

All of us even went on Splashmountain, I was a little nervous to see if Truman wanted to go, but he was so excited to go on the Big Waterfall. Halfway through the ride I got really nervous– hopin Truman would be okay on the ride. But he was more than okay, he loved it!

We all got wet, here’s Amy and I:

And we were to cheap to buy the picture, but here is a picture of the picture:
Me at the back, then Amy, then Toph, then Tru, then people we don’t know…

Then Dad at the back, Mom, Eric, the a hole where Tucker should be, and more people we don’t know..

We had two strollers for the boys, which was nice as we tramped around D-town. Here is us going to tommorrowland:

Of just hanging out in the strollers:

One of the boys favorite rides–Buzz Lightyear!

We spent half of the day like this, putting Truman’s flip flops back on his feet…why wear flipflops? Keep reading–

The ride stalled, and Toph got some funny pictures–
Like 4 of dad with this look on his face-

Amy and I were having a competition to see who could get the highest score…she won–

More about the flipflops. Truman was just barely too short for some of the rides, so we borrowed these shoes from Ry and Tiff, they made up the difference, so he was just the right height. We called them his lifts.:

A mid afternoon nap:

Going to Disneyland in August, means waiting in lines:

Inside the weird rotating building:

Another classic Disneyride–Autopia:
(I was taking pictures, as Tucker drove, he thought it was funny to swerve from side to side….ha, ha, ha.)
Toph and Truman rode together. Truman drove.

the cars behind us:

Me trying to take a shot of Eric and Amy, but not able to due to the fact that Tucker was driving, and my dad was ramming them from behind.

An after dinner shot, yummy, yummy mexican food:

And watched the parade:

At the end of the night, we finshed up at the Tikki Room. (Notice Truman’s Pirate Sword, Tucker got one too, and they’re hard. And they hurt when you get hit. Just in case you were wondering)

End of the night on the Tram to the Car:

Exhausting, Wonderful Day!

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Family Vacation Day Four–Newport Temple & the Beach

What a beautiful place to be, and a beautiful temple!
Grams and Gramps:

Our Family:

At Tucker and Trumans Primary, they get to put a sticker on a map, by the temples they have seen. Tucker was so excited to be here, so he could put a sticker on the map!


On a side note, we also went to Sam’s Club to get some groceries. And as Amy and I were walking around, we were wondering if we had been transported to the Twilight zone. (I am giggling as I type this…because it was so random) because we had some weird interactions. First as we walked around, there was a man handing out free samples of cookies who yelled at us for trying to take a sample, then a man on a big machine that was washing the floors, practically ran us over–twice, and it just continued. Funny, funny.

Then off to the beach. Crystal Cove was beautiful beach, and the boys loved the tidepools we didn’t know were going to be there, but found there.
See this smile, it was on his face practically the whole time we were there!

Truman loved to just dig his hands in the moist sand:

Here’s our little family on the beach:

Truman wasn’t quite big enough to go into the waves by himself, so someone was constantly keeping an eye on him, or chasing him. This time it was me:

Here are the handsome boys on the beach:

And the beautiful girls:

Tucker saw something on TV awhile ago, about digging a bridge (tunnel) through the sand. He was dying to do it at the beach. They dug a tunnel that Tru and Tuck could fit through.

Eric also built a beachman:
And here is Gramps with Truman (the lens on the camera was dirty, but it was such a sweet picture, I had to post):

And now Truman and Grams:

The boys first dip in the ocean:

Truman didn’t really love swimming in the waves, but did like running from them!

Tucker loved this little plastic boat/waverunner toy, much more fun in the ocean, than the pool or bathtub!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the tidepools themselves, but you can see where they were in those rocks behind Truman. It was so cool to be able to see them! You can see some of the stuff we saw here.
Here they are behind Truman:

The boys in a tide pool:

Me and Tuck:

Truman loved the sea anemones. He kept sticking his fingers in it, and would just laugh when it would suck around it. He went around closing all of them up.
Tucker on the other hand, was anxious to get back to the swimming in the ocean. Who wouldn’t?
What a fun day! Sure wish we lived closer to the ocean! Maybe someday.

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Family Vacation Day Three–California Here we Come!!

Toph loves Roadtrips, loves to be in the car, this is how he feels about road trips:

Happy, footloose and fancy free! He just loves them, and I think if he had his way, we’d take road trips for all of our family vacations.
Saturday we left Las Vegas (after a good sleep in) and then headed out to go meet the Greene Crew in California (they had flown out earlier that morning). We spent most of the day in the car traveling, back to the car and DVD Player–

We stopped in Barstow to run around and get some of this yummy food. And then before we new it, we were there!!
Hurray to see family, the beach and be on vacation–We spent the rest of the evening exploring the condo, the boys were dying to go swimming, (even though the pool wasn’t heated, it was cloudy outside) but they went anyways, and Truman came back with blue lips! They had dinner, and again, the boys were tired out, and fell asleep…

Hurray to be in California…

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Family Vacation Day Two–Vegas

Due to the fact I have a hard time traveling while I am pregnant, we decided to stop in Vegas for a day, to divide up the time we spent in the car driving to Cali. There were a few things we thought the boys would really enjoy there, and plus Toph loves how there are so many things happening in Vegas (the lights, the people, the buffets, etc.).
We all slept in, then started off at the Vegas Children’s Museum. The boys had fun there, the exhibits did a good job of keeping the children active (which they needed after an afternoon in the car the day before), Here are a few of the highlights of the museum:
Tucker thoroughly enjoyed being the banker, and handing out money:

Giant Bubbles are always fun:

They also had an exhibit about children who had nothing, and made their toys out of clay, and had nothing else. Here are the boys making toys out of clay:

The boys also loved this machiney thing, lift your own weight/self:

They also had quite a few exhibits where team work was required. I love to see them working together:

Truman enjoyed doing everything, but upstairs in the science area, he wasn’t quite big enough to do anything by himself. Here is Toph helping him do one:

Of course Truman found the basketball one, he loves sports:

But one of his favorite places by far was the water table. I think he could have stayed there all day long!

Ever wonder what your kid would look like in a tornado? Apparently they have wind machines that blow like super fast, (I want to say like over 100 miles an hour fast), Tucker apparently thought it was fun-

So after a great morning, we were excited to head back to our hotel, eat, and enjoy downtown.
I had to include this picture, Toph’s pumped for the ‘Main Street Station Hotel’ Buffet, a horrible picture, but he was like a little kid in a candy store. seriously.:

After that we jumped in our car, drove downtown, and found a place to park, then began to see what they had to offer. We started at the MGM Grand, saw the lioness’ on display there, (after we walked through the smelly, smokey, dirty casino) then out walking we went. We didn’t get to far in the 107 degree weather, we were so thirsty. We stopped for a ICEE and some water.

Then off to M and M World, and the 3-D Movie:

More Walking:

Then a stop at the Bellagio for the fountain show:

And their gardens:

Then through the casinos to Ceasars Palace to walk around look at the stores, including FAO Schwartz. Such a fun place to be when you’re a kid!

The boys were starting to get hungry and tired at this point. Our car was parked forever away, so Toph decided to go get it while I took the boys across the street to the Flamingo hotel, to see their flamingos they had on display. We’d meet up later.
It was only about 7:30ish, but the sun had set and Vegas went from being okay, to being raunchy at this point. I didn’t know this…wish I did, because I would have stayed in the innocent toy store a little bit longer, and not tried to see the flamingos, with my sweet children~
People who’d had to much to drink began surfacing on the streets, and let’s just say, the women in the flamingo ‘dancing’ on top of the stages, with minimal clothing, and losing the slight clothes they had on, made me sick. Not just because I was pregnant, and try to screen my children from viewing it, but also because I felt bad they didn’t know their real worth as women, as Children of God…what a blessing this knowledge is to me as a woman…
Anyways, we did find the flamingos, the boys liked them, but then when we were trying to leave the hotel, we got lost. (those places are like mazes I tell you), Tucker got nervous, and asked if we could say a prayer. We found a secluded spot, he prayed simply to be able to find his daddy. Being lost turned out to be a blessing, as we didn’t have to pass too many of the before mentioned stages. Toph picked us up shortly there after, and after that experience, I think I’ve had my fill of Vegas for the next 10 years. 🙂
We got back to the hotel, and I bathed the kids, while Toph ran for some food. The kids fell asleep before I could even get their jammies on, and didn’t wake up till morning.
So us adults, enjoyed a dinner together from the hotel restaurant, then crashed. We too were tired!

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See you later Sprinklers! Family Vacation Day One–

So, when you’re up to your eyeballs in mud, installing a sprinkler system, what could be a better idea than just up and leaving it, and going on family vacation, right?
We have been planning and dreaming about this vacation to California for almost a year now, and the sprinkling system didn’t get started on time, and took longer than we were anticipating, so when vacation leaving day was quickly approaching, we had to make a choice. Finish sprinkling system and delay vacation OR leave on time fix it when we get back—
Don’t get me wrong, a majority of the system was finished by the leaving for vacation day, but it was not completely done, there were a few lines that still needed to be buried (Which my father in law came and finished the front for us while we were gone, thanks again dad!) but everything was up and running before we left! It just needed some burying and clean up.
But for me, I have ALWAYS left a clean house for a vacation. Makes it easier to return coming home, instead of dreading coming home….but not this time. I don’t have a lot of strength or energy, and most of it was spend on the sprinkling system over the past few days, so…my house was a mess, I had no energy, and to be honest, I was feeling good that we were all packed, (I did forget a few things) and everyone was alive!
We decided that the things left on the sprinkling system were minor, and a family vacation was more important in a grand perspective of things. But I must admit, this was the first time ever I have left a not spotless home when leaving on a vacation. (let alone a scary looking muddy front yard and a dirty house) There are first for everything.
And do you know what? It was okay when I got home, and I am learning lessons.
But look what I returned to!

A green lawn that wasn’t watered by a hose, (to some of you, who have seen our lawn/flowerbeds previously may think this looks horrible, but to me, it is magnificent!) Usually at this point in the summer our lawn is covered in yellow spots due to my poor watering skills, but I was so pleasantly surprised! We had to tear up the flower beds alot to get the sprinklers in. We’ll have to see what grows back…
Anyways, after the decision was made, we headed out for vacation on Thursday after Toph got home from work, packed his stuff, loaded the car, and we wrangled up the children. But we weren’t in the car long before we stopped for some food, and the best purchase we have made in a long time. A portable DVD Player. This device changed our children from good travelers to excellent travelers. Our boys loved it!

They didn’t watch it the entire travel time, but it was enough to keep the boys attention, and keep them from being so restless!
And then we were really off to our first destination: Vegas.
The traveling was good, the boys fell asleep,

but then we hit traffic–an accident with a car and a semi. Just a few minutes before we hit the traffic, we had pulled off for gas, and had recently been traveling with the car that was in the accident. So although we were frustrated by the extra time the accident caused, when we saw the car, I was filled with gratitude for our safe travels thus far.
Due to our late departure time/traffic/stop for food, we didn’t get to our hotel until 3:00 AM. Which ended up being a good thing, because the only room that ended up being available was a deluxe suite on the top floor of our hotel. We weren’t expecting much for our $33.00 a night room, but this suite was another pleasant surprise. We were exhausted, so after Toph checked in, we carried the boys up to the room. But after walking through the slot machines, in our hotel lobby, up the elevator, to a new room, this is what the boys looked like in their beds.

Wide awake. Luck for us the next morning they slept in.

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

As promised, more sprinkler pictures…

Starting out….

Here is the day the trencher came and trenched some of the sprinkler lines for us. Unfortunately we had alot of buried gas/electrical/water lines in our front yard, so he wasn’t able to do all of them, but he did do a lot.

As you can tell, the boys were in heaven watching the big machinery.

And the boys stayed in heaven the next few days. This is what they looked like. Mud-A-Holics.

Here is what it looked like after we had gotten all the lines trenched and dug out.

We had a few minor set backs, like the trencher hitting the water main causing a huge gush, and not being able to go under the driveway with the main sprinkler line like we had hoped, so we had to do it back through out backyard, and had to hand trench it all the way around our house. Oh, I didn’t actually do any trenching, but it looked massively like constant hard work. After all the trenching was done, we got the lines in, then attached the sprinkler heads.

And somehow the only picture of anyone actually working was of me…

Random, since there were so many other people working hard! And thank goodness we live in such a good neighborhood, where our children were cared for so well, while we worked on finishing up this project.

Thanks to all again who helped! Although it took us longer than we had expected, we couldn’t have done it so fast with out the help of so many!
I am especially grateful for my sweet hard working husband. He spend many hours working on a sprinkling system for me!