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A weekend with the Cousins, and another weekend with other Cousins….

First off, thanks for all the warm birthday comments, emails, phone calls…it was a fantastic day. I appreciate you thinking of me!

I’m still playing the catch-up game! 🙂 So here’s what we’ve been up to.
The past few weekend, we have been with cousins. Have I mentioned how much I love family??

Last weekend began the cousin weekend spree—

With a great event, my Cousin Leslies wedding. It was a beautiful wedding in Park City, and I loved being able to spend the day with Leslie and Brandon celebrating their union.

Somehow all our pictures of Leslie, came out blurry, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t in charge of photography 🙂
Here is her arrival on the fire engine:

During the ceremony, the bridesmaids, and look at Leslie’s Beautiful Dress, with the red inlay, it was so stunning (again, I wish ALL of my other shots weren’t blurry!):

How we kept Truman quiet during the ceremony:

Leslie and Brandon, during the ceremony:

And here are a few shots, while everything was getting ready:
Greene Cousins-


After the ceremony, we got a shot of the boys in the fireengine:

The location was beautiful, with a beautiful tree. The boys played, and played, and played in it.

Then after the tree, the boys couldn’t resist sitting on the fire engine:

It was such a good day, and such good company. We’re so happy to have Brandon in our family!

Also, that weekend, we were able to have dinner with some more cousins, Amy and Jordan Phillips. I wish I would’ve broken out the camera, but didn’t. We had a great Sunday Dinner with them, and a great visit, which we’re especially grateful for, considering they might be moving soon! Thanks again for coming guys!

Then this last weekend, Toph and the boys headed to Logan for more cousin-ey goodness…Big O’s Super Hero Birthday Bash. Which I am so sad that I missed. I have the most amazing sister in laws. Case and point. Take a look at the capes Em sewed for the guests… So DARLING. It has re-ignited the Super Hero in Truman. I wish our Air Conditioning in our car hadn’t gone out, so I could’ve been there, but here are the highlights, and my understanding of what happened:
The capes and treasure hunt:

Which led to a Pinata:

And of course the birthday boy and cake:

The boys always leave these events so happy and tired, and what wondeyful events and people to be celebrating!

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It was so fun to have Tucker & Truman here for the party. He was excited to see them and had fun playing with them and learning what super heros do :). Wish you could have been here too.

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