Emily Truman Tucker

Pete and Repeat

I am so blessed to have two little boys. The younger of whom looks up to his big brother immensely.
At lunch the other day, my friend Diana asked me what Truman was going to have for lunch, I said, “hold on let me ask Tucker”.
Not until her puzzled look, did I realize that it was odd to ask Tucker to see what Truman was eating.
You see, whatever Tucker does, Truman does. If Tucker is eating hot dogs, then Truman is too. He idolized Tucker, and although he is now voicing and experiencing his own likes and dislikes everyday a little bit more, he still follows in his big brother footsteps.
Case and Point:
Friday was Sack Lunch Day at school. Tucker was making his own lunch, and so therefore Truman insisted that me and him were having a sack lunch day too.
Tucker was making a butter and sprinkle sandwich, so Truman made us one too. (Sprinkles and butter, you ask? Delicious and Nutritious, I know, but you have to choose your battles right?) And everything had to be packed in a lunch box, just like Tuckers, then as soon as Tucker left, Truman opened his lunch box, found a blanket for a picnic, and began eating. Which he did off and on, for 2 hours. Talking about Tucker the WHOLE time. What good pals they are, and how blessed I am to have them in my life.