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Who needs a dishwasher?

Last month (as you can see in a previous post) our dishwasher broke. We have been washing dishes by hand, and Tucker and Truman LOVE it (Toph likes it alot too actually…) There is something about bubbles and a sink full of water that children can’t resist. Someday, when we do get a dishwasher, I think that the boys are going to miss playing in the sink, and helping me with dishes. Knowing that it won’t last forever makes this task do-able for me, but not enjoyable, but of course what mother isn’t going to enjoy having her boys happy to be standing by her side? None that I know!
(Don’t worry, we don’t usually let Tuck wash dishes like that…)
As fun as it is, I still do need a dishwasher. I am a modern woman, who misses the modern conveniences of washing dishes while I sleep at night, or even better BLOG 🙂