Emily Topher Truman Tucker

FHE treats

So, my husband has been telling me for a while now, that an ESSENTIAL and IMPORTANT part of Family Home Evening (FHE), is the treats. I kind of just ‘rolled my eyes’ and said whatever to him, until I recently, gave in….
So, I have tried to step up to the challenge of better treats (instead of just rummaging thru the cupboards to see what we have), last week we had ice-cream (even though Tuck wanted to have Cheese Sandwiches), and here are the Messy, Messy, results from our talented son Truman, he learned a few great lessons.
1–The Ice Cream Container Lid, makes a great hat (we were NOT watching closely enough, and he is getter quicker by the day.)–
2–He can hold and drink from his bowl, with no hands
Now, I know why, I would rather stick to no treats, clean up is minimal 🙂
Maybe instead of no treats, I might find a less messy treat.
We’ll have to see what the next FHE treats will hold…