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Love Notes from Tucker

Tucker leaves notes all over the house for Christopher they usually look something like this:
He knows how to spell DAD and is getting pretty good at drawing bodies.

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Hunsaker Family Reunion

There is a popular phrase that I often see around. It says, “All because 2 people Fell in Love” For us, this last weekend, it was the love of my great grandparents we were celebrating:
My Grandparents hosted the Hunsaker Family Reunion at the Cabin this Last Weekend. Not to many events planned, but just a day to get together to enjoy each others company, take a extended family picture, and look over some family keepsakes. I got this cute apron made by Great Grandma Hunsaker apron.jpg
Of course, my little ones were not too interested in any of those things, so here is what I did with them while these events were taking place:
Floating Boats (Scrap wood from the addition) in the front pond–
On the raft with Dad:
I never get tired of this shot ( I have taken this picture SO many times):
Carssen and Hailey Out in the Canoe:
Fishing with Uncle Ryan(thanks to him and his pole and his powerbait, everyone was able to catch a fish):
Coleman caught a fish:
Ikey and his fish:
Me and Tuck fishin:
Toph fishin:
Trus fishey:
Tucker wanted to take a pic:
Ike and Tru pal-in’ around:
Playing in the stream:
Any trip to the cabin is not complete without a dunk in the hot tub:
(I think 2 more people got in after this picture was taken!)
What fun it was to just be together again and hang out! I sad summer is coming to an end, this is truely a perfect summer day for me.

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A walk down Memory Lane…

One of the reasons I love my husband, is that he is so Tech Savvy. He keeps me updated, on what is the up and up. Last night, we were editing some pictures, and Toph said, I’ve wanted to check out and see what pictures they have of Albania on Flickr.
Well it started there, and then we went to pictures of Italy, and we came across this beautiful picture. It is of Riomaggoire, in Cinque Terre, Italy. It was one of our favorite places we stayed and I REALLY hope we can go back there again someday, I often think about the beautiful colors that were there, and how they nestled their homes right into the mountains. What a beautiful place.
Then we started to look at our other favorite Italian thing, Gelato, and came across this pic. Yum, just looking at it makes my mouth water. It is a tasty to the eye, as it is to the mouth.
The world is full of many beautiful things.