My black Thumb

I am not good at growing things.
If you need me to teach them how to talk, yes. I can do that. But unfortunatly plants don’t talk, nor do they need to learn. (Unless maybe you live in Little Shop of Horrors)
But What they do need is someone who can take care of them.
With our house, we inherited a beautiful garden. Marj was incredible, and had the greenest thumb I have ever seen. She spend hours in her yard everyday. I am lucky to have inherited such a exquisite place….the only problem is, I am not a plant whisperer. I actually am a Plant Killer. I was able to keep mostly everything alive last summer, and now I am watching the spring flowers burst through the soil. Lets hope that our yard will look some what similar to what it did when we purchased our home last year! Here is a picture of what it looked like then. In a few days when I get the last flower bed cleaned out I will send you a picture of what it looks like now. Hopefully it is a similar oasis.
Back yard Pics


Tuckers in Charge of Breakfast

Tucker is getting so Big, and independent. Here is Tucker and my conversation this morning:

Tucker: What can we eat this morning for Yunch? (He always calls Breakfast Lunch….)
Me: What would you like for Breakfast?
Tucker: You know those things that are flat like pancakes?
Me: You mean Waffles?
Tucker: No, they are flat, and you get to put frosting on them..
Me: Oh you mean Toaster Strudels
Tucker: Yea, I am going to make them for you. You go to bed, and sleep, then I will bring you it…It can be a surprise.

What a fine surprise, Now all I have to do is teach him how to use the oven…. 🙂


Truman Loves Ikey…

Tru Loves Ikey
Today is my nephew, Issacs birthday, and Truman just adores him. Issac is a little over 2 weeks younger than Truman, but just towers over him in both his height and weight. Truman just thinks the world of Ikey. Any time anyone says a prayer, Truman thinks that is his cue to say his own prayer, which usually sound a little something like this.

Heavenly Father,

Ikey Doh-Doh

Bless Food

Bless Dad

Bless Tucker James (because right now, Truman only calls Tuck by his full name “Tucker James”)

Ikey Doh-Doh

Jesus, Heavenly Father, Amen.

We’ll we pray in the morning, over the food 3 times, then our good night prayers, we hear about Ikey at least about 5 times a day. Usually at some point in the day, Truman will ask, “where Ikey?” or ask if Issac is doing the same thing he is doing, such as, “Ikey Quiet Time?”, “Ikey eat food?”

The Funny thing is, When Ikey and Truey are together, because they are at this age–they don’t really play together, they don’t even really pay much attention to each other, so it is so interesting to me how much he talks and thinks about his cousin. It will be fun to continue to watch these sweet boys grow up together, I am sure over this next year, they will begin to play more and more with each other, and get to know each other better!
Happy Birthday Ikey, you’re the apple of Trumans eye!


Little Boys Brains

The boys have been in the car alot this weekend, with all of the traveling we have been doing. Tonight we went up to Ikeys Birthday Party in SLC, and on the way home, the boys were getting uncomfortable, and I was trying to think of some ways to occupy there attention.
I told them a story of a beautiful princess duck who falls in love with another young duck who is an excellent swimmer. (the duck theme was inspired by a duck that flew in front of our car…) I wove a tale that I felt like was entertaining. After finishing this story, Tucker wanted to tell Tru and I a story, this is how I remember hearing the story:

Tucker: Once there was a bug, and it was next to a dog.
Then the dog ate the bug, and the bug couldn’t get out.
So then the bug pushed his way out of the dog’s poop hole, then a duck came, and he pushed them over, and the dog landed on the bug, so it killed him.
Then a superhero came and got the bad guys, so there skeletons popped out.
Then a penguin came, and got the superhero, and his skeleton popped out, then because he was a superhero, the skeleton went back in again.
THEN, the superhero went back and got the bad penguin, he pushed him in a hole.
The End.
(Big Smile)

When I heard this, I was trying to hold in my “inner giggle”, how did we go from “duck love” to “poop holes” and “skeletons”? I could never tell a story like this, my brain doesn’t work this way. Thank goodness these boys have a father whose brain once told stories similar to this, because I was grossed out. Little Boys Brains, what crazy thoughts must bounce around in there.


Conference, Candy, and Cabin

We just returned from a wonderful conference weekend at my grandparents Cabin. For me, Conference is a wonderful time to be surrounded by family, unfortunately, the cabin is not the ideal setting to um, listen to conference.
I love being at my cabin. I love the environment, I love the memories, I love seeing my boys experiencing the joy that comes from being at the cabin (that is a post for another day) and most of all I love the people that gather there. There is nothing like family. It is fun to chat, and enjoy the company of good people.
But the fact that there are so many people, (I think this time Rosemary counted 29) and that was without my Mom and Dad(whom we missed greatly by the way), and also, that everyone all seems to end up in the same small space, around the TV or in the Kitchen… and with so many little ones, it makes it difficult for me to intake all that conference entails. We have a living prophet, and apostles that share their inspiration for what WE need, and that is heavy, and wonderful. But truthfully, when at the cabin, I must use every fiber of energy to listen to what is being said… And to be honest, on Sunday Afternoon when listening to conference at my own home, with only 2 children around, I have to use all that same energy. Basically, what I am saying is that listening at the cabin is an exhausting experience. Thank goodness we live in the age of “technology”, where we can go back and listen to the podcasts.
But you know, even thought I was not able to intake everything that I wanted, as I look back over the weekend, with men attending priesthood session together then stopping for ice-cream for the woman, the easter egg hunt, the laughter smiles, and associations, I would not have wanted to spend the weekend anywhere else.


Pleasant Surprise from an Unpleasant Odor

Diaper Surprise Adding dairy to Trumans’ diet has overall been a positive thing, although we are now anxiously awaiting for his system “to get used” to it. I am tired of changing poopy diapers… my husband must have known that, so when I found this I laughed and laughed. I have the funnest husband ever. Enough said.


You knew what I was when you picked me up

Truman Playing with Playdough
There is an analogy that that I have heard many times in my life. It is the story of a little boy, who comes across a Rattlesnake. This snake convinces the little boy to pick him up and carry him to the top of the mountain. The snake promises not to hurt him. We’ll they get to the top of the mountain, at which point the snake bites the little boy. The boy does not understand, and says, “Why? Why did you bite me?” And the Snakes Replies… “You knew what I was when you picked me up”

My Children have some things that they LOVE. Toys that they play with on a daily basis, or want to play with on a daily basis. Toys that I DON’T LOVE….

Tucker loves Legos right now. (Or as he pronounces it Yea-gos) He builds Robots and Machines and Rockets and Squares and Rectangles. But Mostly Robots. He wakes up, plays Legos, goes to preschool, plays legos, quiet time, plays legos, dinner, plays legos. Did I mention he loves LEGOS? We have two boxes of Legos, one upstairs and one downstairs. These Legos travel from room to room as the Robots fix my bed, feed the other machines, and find treasures. I find legos in MY bed, under the couch, in the fridge, between the front door and the screen. These toys are loved, if they were the velveteen rabbit, these Legos would be alive!

Truman on the other hand, loves Play-dough. When there is a lull in the day, or when I open the closet where we keep the play-dough, he asks me, “Dough-Dough Mama”? Well, in an attempt to keep up with my house, I try to reserve the play-dough for when Tucker is at school, when I can set Truman up at the Kitchen Table while I unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, get out the Lysol Cleaner and scrub down the counters, cabinets and appliances. Truman loves this time, we talk, and Truman reminds me the simplicity of life. Nothing compares to the feeling of Play-dough squished between your fingers.  Right now,  what Truman likes to do is build animals, his favorite right now is the elephant. At my request, Grams and Gramps bought him a kit of animals play-dough pieces for Christmas. He loves it, and I do too, until it is time to clean up. How does play-dough end up stuck underneath the table, covering the chair, and stuck in Truman’s hair? I hope to get my photos up too, and if you look close at Today’s Photo of Play-dough, you can see Truman has Blue Play-dough in his teeth, (and, yea, that is an elephant he is holding up…)

We’ll when I was complaining to Toph about my role as Play-dough cleaner-upper and Lego Gatherer, he said to me, Emily….

“You knew what I was when you picked me up”




As soon as I decided to use the computer, of course, it develops some technical hiccups. Last Night, I tried to make a post, complete with pictures of the boys running out into the front yard with Pans on their heads during the Hail Storm that came past our hours yesterday. They decided to collect the little ice-balls to keep in our freezer. (Tucker is sure that we will need them later on….) But, somehow, myself or the little boys has deleted iPhoto from our computer. How does this happen I ask? No one is sure, but Toph assures me that it is easy to solve. So hopefully, if you check back soon, you can see pictures of little boys with pots on their heads.

EDIT: Somehow (another Technical Hiccup with the Digital Camera) the picture with the pots on the head got deleted. So you will have to settle with this one “gathering the hail stones”.

Tucker Gathering Hail Stones


A New Beginning…

For a long time, my husband has know that I have the heart of a blogger in me. He has tried to encourage me to do this for a long time, and even tried to subtly tempt into doing something like this, by mentioning things that I could “put up on the web”. We’ll I have always kind of just smiled at him, and thought… “Someday”
We’ll that someday is today….

So I would like to dedicate this first post to my Handsome Husband who knew all along that I am a Blogger at heart, I am excited to share some of my boys adventures here.

Here is to many more exciting posts!