As soon as I decided to use the computer, of course, it develops some technical hiccups. Last Night, I tried to make a post, complete with pictures of the boys running out into the front yard with Pans on their heads during the Hail Storm that came past our hours yesterday. They decided to collect the little ice-balls to keep in our freezer. (Tucker is sure that we will need them later on….) But, somehow, myself or the little boys has deleted iPhoto from our computer. How does this happen I ask? No one is sure, but Toph assures me that it is easy to solve. So hopefully, if you check back soon, you can see pictures of little boys with pots on their heads.

EDIT: Somehow (another Technical Hiccup with the Digital Camera) the picture with the pots on the head got deleted. So you will have to settle with this one “gathering the hail stones”.

Tucker Gathering Hail Stones