When Dad is Away, We will PLAY!


{Here’s Lorelei, pushing her new bunny around in her stroller….(If it would have been my boys, they would have been ramming into each other with it!) She is a natural nurturer, and a cleaner. She loves to help, and it’s fun to see the ‘feminine’ side of it all!}
and Play~

and Play!

and PLAY!!

(Well all of us did play, but apparently I mostly got video of (A half dressed) Elliot playing! 🙂 )

And a funny video of Elliot telling me dad needed to fix something, since he was out of town, I needed to record it and send it to him…

And I wish I could have gotten a video of Lorelei watching Toph’s ‘video’ for her. She loves to face time with Toph, and he made a fake FaceTime, (really just a video) that Lorelei watched, and watched and watched. She sure loves her daddy!
?????? ?????
?????? ??????