February 14th <3 Valentines!

Such a fun holiday to celebrate the people we love in our lives…

I love watching my children write their valentines too, and see how much there handwriting has changed over the year…

I spent the day with my kiddos.
Mom n’me class with the littles
Elliot was SO Excited to pass out his valentines!

Chocolate suckers

A quick Lunch date at Costco (I love their sauerkraut hot dogs! And Elliot loves Pizza)

We got to help at Truman’s Class Party, what a cute class he has! We played Bingo, and it was so fun to see these cute first graders, yelling ‘bingo!’

The boys arrived home, and of course, going thru the ‘spoils’ of valentines day is always exciting!

(notice Tucker’s awesome Lego valentines box)

And I loved Elliots superhero box too!

and then later in the day, my sweet Tuck brought home a treat for me (he won it at school, and he said he got the last one, according to him, when he saw it, he knew I’d love the color…Green looks beautiful on my nails, he said)

Honestly, I’ve only had 2, but this truthfully was THE Best Manicure ever. I felt incredibly loved.

And WE Hope your day was full of lots of LOVE, too!

Happy Valentines day!