Holding down the fort…

I gained (yet again) a new appreciation for single moms, the week Toph was gone.

I tried to stay busy, and that I did.
I signed up to help with Teacher Appreciation Week, and I volunteered to make the doors:
for the music teacher:

(Thank you for teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony!)
and the librarian:

(Thank you for being such a noteworthy librarian! )
Not my best work, but under the circumstances, I was happy to get them done! 🙂

Also during the week, I had to replace the kitchen faucet

(Which I didn’t really end up doing too much of it (thanks to Amy and Wayne!), and the part I did do–I did wrong!)

Truman slept with gum in his mouth…and it ended up EVERYWHERE, including his hair. After working for way to long on his hair, I realized we were going to go get his haircut anyways and so I just cut it out. (WARNING GROSS PICTURE!)

And last, the best of all the game…
Somehow Elliot got himself stuck in our kitchen barstool. I don’t know how he did it…thankfully our neighbors were home and they came and saved the day. We had to break the barstool apart to get him out. yeah. that is what I said–break it! I didn’t get a picture of him at the time, but in hind sight wish we had!

(And funny enought–3 days later he got his hand stuck in the pirateship toy at the same neighbors house, she had to butter up his hand to get it out. I still laugh thinking about it)

Thank heavens I don’t have to be a parent all by myself all the time, and thank heavens for people who come help me while my husband is away!

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Well, at least you stayed busy!!!! I just hope the next time Brett goes out of town, your luck doesn’t rub off!!! (Just kidding) Kids are so funny sometimes and you just have to step back and laugh!

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