Being a big kid…

This young man has made it very clear, he is done sitting in his ‘high chair/booster’, and now eats all meals like this:

He discovered the stepping stool whilst helping me cook, and now everything is done whilst standing here.

I’ve tried putting him on the stools next to his brothers to sit, but he doesn’t like it there, and insists that he eat standing up.

He’s only two, but he is very capable of letting us know how he likes things. What a funny, funny boy.

(And yes, his pants were wet from walking and sitting in the snow, so he enjoyed his hot cocoa and mac’n’cheese with out them!Lately that’s how all lunches are-)

At least this cute little dirty face let’s me know he’s not all the way grown up…

And maybe this one too. 🙂

2 replies on “Being a big kid…”

I too have been discovering the absolutism of a two-year-old. They are so stubborn and refuse to give in. Sometimes it’s just better to let them eat standing up on a stool. So funny!

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