Sweaters from Holiday’s past

Over three years ago, we bought this Halloween Sweater for Tucker, as a clearance item… We saved it, and gave it to him for his birthday, and he LOVED it, wore it everywhere, and as odd as it looks, it became ‘common’ for us to see him put on his sweater and zip down the hood. So much so, that it wouldn’t phase us when we went places, and he’d zip up his sweater and hood, and walk around the store. It wasn’t until we’d hear a line of laughter behind us, that’d I’d realize Tucker was wearing his sweater, because it is so unique. When the time came when he finally out grew it (and when I say outgrew it, I mean, the arms on the sweater instead of being at his wrists were closer to his elbows, and it REALLY no longer fit him), we put it in the too small box, and said goodbye to it.

Enter winter time this year, as I pulled down warmer clothes for Truman to wear. I found the sweater among a stack of warmer clothes, and hung them in his closet. Now, Truman takes great pride in dressing himself, and matching his outfits. He dresses himself right before going to school, then putting on his winter coat, giving me goodbye kisses and heading out the door, with the other neighborhood kids. So it’s not uncommon for me to not see the shirts he’s wearing, as they’re zipped under his winter coat as he heads out the door. Enter Wednesday of last week, when I see this walking across the field to me after a completed day of kindergarten. Let’s just say the ‘common-ness’ element of the sweater had worn off, and I literally giggled the whole way home from school as we walked together, and couldn’t keep a straight face.

Days like this, I love, love, love being a mom. And getting to experience the ‘common’ moments of the day.

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I remember that sweater. It was great. All the boys should get to wear that if it isn’t worn out completely.

Bear hates this sweater! I would start laughing every time Tucker rang the doorbell when he was wearing it. Bear would start growling at him. 🙂

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