Life Truman

A special day for Truman…

Comprises of the following:
*Asking everyday when Grams and Ikey was coming for his special day,
*Taunting your older brother about being able to go first on the special day with grams
*Asking if Ikey was coming with Grams, multiple times a day, (Which he was)
*Waking the morning of the date to get on your most ‘hansomest’ clothes (a hawaiian shirt, topped by a race car sweater, his new pants, and his superhero dash shoes)
*Watching out the window for a little over an hour, to see Grams car on the special day,
* Ikey and Grams coming to HIS house to see HIS toys, and play with just him.
*Going to McDonalds to play and get ‘special food’, and ‘ice creams’
*Talking about it often ever since.


Thanks Grams and Ikey for coming down to have a Special Day with Truman.
We love you!

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