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Summer is Ending and I’m crying about it. Really.

Where has our summer gone? It’s ENDING!!!!

And with being so pregnant, this was not the summer I imagined it would be! I had big plans for this summer…the summer before Tucker starts school was going to be one he remembered full of grand adventure, bonding moments, learning teaching moments…

The reality of my boys getting bigger and older is weighing heavily on me right now. I feel like I haven’t been able to be the best mom for my two little boys over the past few months. And there were so many things we were going to do this summer, that just didn’t happen. And I am having a hard time grasping the end of the summer is approaching, and my boys are growing, and Tucker is starting Kindergarten next week! I have began wondering if I have taught him everything he needs to know. Does he know he is a Child of God, and so should never worry about what that inevitable bully is going to say, will he remember to say please and thank you, does he know that he is such the sunshine of my soul and that smile of his can light up any room, does he know not to talk to strangers, and what to do in case of a fire? These and so many other questions and thought have been running over in my mind! I can’t believe how fast the past 5 1/2 years have gone by!

So when my Friend Diana posted about this song on her BLOG, I found it on you tube, and promptly began to cry and cry and cry as I watched it.

I would like to blame it on my pregnancy hormones that brought on the tears…but I don’t know if that is a fair statement!

I’m going to treasure these moments, and I will remember them, ’cause I know I am going to miss them, even if they aren’t all grand adventures–

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I know the feeling of growing up too fast, and mine is only 8 months old! But knowing you Em, Tucker (and Truman) will know all those things and so much more. You’re an amazing mother and I aspire to be like you. I’m glad your vacation was so great, it sounds like a magical time was had by all. But I hope you start feeling better soon!

Emily Ann, I know what you are feeling but let tell you something I just learned. If your kids don’t grow up you won’t ever have grandkids and they are the best. Also, seeing your children and their spouse (like you and Christopher) do such a great job as parents is a great pleasure as well and one you don’t want to miss. Now you just go buy youself a big old bucket of Chocolate ice cream and drown your sorrows in that.

I know what you mean….life just goes right on by. We also had so many plans for summer and have not done many…and unlike you, I have no good excuse!!!

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