How I love this sweet boy.

Everyday he comes home with a paper like this:

Apparently, after he gets his work done in class he has free time, and he gets to do a ‘free activity’, and the one he chooses EVERY SINGLE DAY!
It’s a list of all of his friends in his class. Every day the list comes home, with the boys and his friends first, and then the girls. Somedays he doesn’t get to the girls name. And it’s funny to see that a girl named Daisy, is always at the end. He has informed me, that he DOES NOT like that girl, because she always makes her table late, and that drives Truman crazy. ha!

And we went to parent teacher conferences, we got this note:

He is scholar student, and a good friend. What a positive thing!

And a little puzzle project from this same week, he was very proud of this puzzle he’d created…

a skull.

How we love this little boy!


Lorelei discovers Hammy

She now walks over to Hammys cage and kind of screams and squeals until hammy wakes up and starts moving around.

Then she watches and giggles and giggles.

What a fun little girl.


Mom’s n’ muffins.

Another year, another mom’s n’ muffins! A fun ‘extra’ thing I get to do as a mom!

The kids all got to a new book,

Tucker got an origami Star Wars Books

Truman got a Bad Kitty Book.

Elliot a Chuggington and the Dinosaurs book

And Lorelei loves her ‘higher’ book.

and the next morning, we went to the school early, to enjoy muffins,

And Truman even won the drawing!

Unfortunately the book was a little scary, but fortunately we were able to trade it in for a new book, Truman chose a Bakugan book.

These little moments, the extra moments, that are so enjoyable as a mother.
Love these kiddos.


Artistic Talents

Elliot finally graduated from the painting with water on colored paper…

to now using real watercolors. He’ll spend quite a bit of time doing this.and LOVING it. He could paint for hours.

Truman is still leaving fun notes all around the house..and I love it.

and Tucker did this one day at flex time.

Love seeing those little doodles.

what a little artist…