Why would I want to save my money?

When I could buy 5 ring pops and a pack of gum?? When Truman has money to spend, it burns a whole in his pocket.

Why would I want to buy a small lego set? When I could get sugar, sugar, sugar?

Truman takes after me, a bit of a sweet tooth.

And why not savor each of them, and eat them slowly over the next week when I can eat them all at once when mom is feeding the baby?

Never a dull moment around this place. NEVER.


A reprimand worth receiving

A post it note left on Christopher and my pillow one night:

to mom and dad
we need
to get back
onto read

Thanks You Sweet Truman. We’re far from perfect, but with the help of our beautiful children we’re getting closer every day (but still have a LONG way to go).


How can you not smile,

When you see this reflection in the mirror!

She discovered the mirror, and as you can see smiled like crazy. What a sweetie.


Passing off his scout requirements, one at a time…

Including this one:

learning to tie a necktie.


This boys is growing up so quick and so handsome!

(Also worth noting: for Tucker, no Sunday is complete without perusing the comics 🙂 )


It’s no secret-

my boys love the wii.

And I do find it a bit hilarious to watch them playing sometimes…here is Truman when he’s playing the wii, he just can’t sit still.

truman ninja wii from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

HIs foot just taps, and taps, and taps, especially when he’s playing Mario Kart. What a sweet little thing he is, one of those moments in time I just want to to freeze more growing up. You’re all too sweet and perfect right now.

And yes he is dressed as a ninja…cause he still loves to dress up every now and again, and I’m totally encouraging it. 🙂