Preschool Open House.

After watching his brothers go to school for years, Elliot was VERY ready to go to school, and was beyond excited to get an invitation in the mail to come to his open house at Mrs. Maureens.

He found his backpack hook, his cubby, saw the weather bear, and met their class goldfish, and most importantly began his love for SCHOOL.

(Of course the cookies were a nice touch!)

We had a great time, and got an ‘All About Me’ Poster that Elliot promptly brought home, and then proceeded to color for the next two weeks until it was his turn to share it! 🙂

How fast he is growing, how much he is learning, how much do I love him!

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Family Park Night,

Pictures courtesy of Toph and his phone.

(Who can swing higher contest, Scout loved going down the slides and Elliot and Lorelei loved being with her doing that!, Truman got some good soccer in with Dad. A good night.)
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Really, why is this still funny and cute with the fourth kid?

I have no idea why, but food on the face and hair, really doesn’t get old to me!

Cutie, Patoo-tie!
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Back to School Night

After a few weeks in school, we were excited to visit with our children’s teachers at back to school night! Truman’s teacher is perfect for him. She says shes wishes that she could have a classroom full of ‘Truman’s’. A compliment indeed.

Truman felt it was good omen to be sitting next to a new boy named Owen. (One of his best friends and cousin is named Owen.)

He got second place for this apple, in the class coloring contest.

And a self portrait from Truman.

We were pleased to hear that Tucker was doing very well in class too. The only problem? He constantly has a book in his hands, he’s currently reading at a much higher level than his classmates, and quickly finishes his work, so he can return to his book! His teachers are awesome though, and have a good handle on his ‘problem’ (If you can call it that?!?) We’re so proud of his continued growth!

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Happy Birthday to US!

Christopher and I celebrate birthday’s exactly one week apart, so often times our celebrating happens together.

This year, I was excitedly preparing to go out to dinner with my sweetheart, when I get a phone call from my sweetheart saying, ‘don’t freak out, just go read your email, and remember don’t freak out.’ (He knows me well….)

Here’s my email from Toph:
Hello my happy birthday hubba,
Here is the deal, first- take three deep breaths.




Okay. We are getting away tonight to stay in Salt Lake City, you have a maximum of 30 minutes to be in the car. Your bag is already mostly packed and I am arranging everything for tomorrow morning =)

I know that this is a bit of a surprise and may cause you a bit of anxiety- do you need three more breaths?




Okay, here are your instructions-

1- Go downstairs to the storage room. On the luggage shelf there are two bags- the green backpack (my stuff) and the red gym bag (your stuff). Hopefully I have you mostly covered, but if I were you I would look through your bag and make any adjustments you need =) You will need to pack your toiletries/bathroom stuff and your shoes. Here are the plans-
a) mostly just relax,
b) it is a long shot, but we are going to stand in line to try for the cheap tickets for Wicked- so make sure there is an outfit that works for that just in case- there is a skirt/shirt combo that may work for that- but please double check.

We’ll probably come home early afternoon tomorrow, I realized I didn’t pack my shoes either- can you grab some brown ones for me?

Take both bags out to the car (thank you).

2- Mom will be there in about 10 minutes. Start writing your list =) Be sure to include the payments for soccer pictures so the boys can take them tomorrow. I’m going to arrange it so that Tucker goes to Soccer with the Thompsons, but mom is going to go to Truman’s 11 o’clock game.

3- Say hello to mom, go over your list with her (remember, you don’t have much time).

4- Help mom transfer the carseats and boosters over to her car.

5- Give everyone a hug goodbye.

6- Get in the car and head to the Salt Lake City! =)

7- Send me a text or give me a call that you have left and you will receive further instructions =)

See? That wasn’t so bad, eh? See you soon- love you forever and ever.


Incredible husband, right? Yeah, I am a lucky woman….

My mother in law showed up like 5 minutes later, helped me out the door, and off I left, knowing my kids were incredibly good hands. The rest of the weekend was kind of a blur, we arrived Friday Night at Capitol Theater hoping to get Tickets to the Musical ‘Wicked’,

but the odd’s were not in our favor. And we left happily, to grab food and a movie.

We got some yummy food at Barbacoa, and then headed back to the Hotel to enjoy the Hunger Games(Recently released on video), and not have to put any children to bed! 🙂

The next morning we awoke (after sleeping in!!!), and decided to try to win tickets for the Saturday Matinee of Wicked. There were over 200 people waiting (more than the night before), and they only gave away 5 sets of tickets, so we didn’t think that we’d have any chance…but surprisingly we won! To say that I was FREAKING OUT, might have been an understatement! I yelled, YEAH! It’s my birthday! When my name was called, and the crowd was very gracious, and cheered for us.

Here’s a video of my gitty-ness. (Slightly embarrassed to be sharing this, but you know…for history sake!)

My mother-in-law graciously stayed a few extra hours, so we could go, and IT.WAS.TERRIFICLY.AMAZING.

I have listened to the music for over five years, so it was so fun to actually see it. Our seats were awesome at Orchestra level, and the costumes, props, everything seemed magical.

I hope someday to see it again, this time with my children,as I am sure it would still continue to be as magical as ever!

We returned home to happy, children, and a beautiful birthday cake they made together….

Followed the next morning by a delicious breakfast in bed.

It was an amazing birthday celebration. I’m grateful for the many people who made it so memorable!

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High Score…

At words with friends (Scrabble)

104 points with ONE word. Yeah, let’s just say that I was pretty excited.

And another side note:
I was excited to draw the word pokemon in my just draw game, I couldn’t wait to show it to my boys! What does this say about me?!?!

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He doesn’t get his green thumb from me.

He loves to sing to the plants (Mostly the tomatoes on the fence line), and water them.

Wish you could hear what he was saying! Cute, Cute Boy!

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First day of school 2012

Rising Early, Early, Early for scriptures!

(And as a side note, it is totally worth it to get our kids up early, because they are usually so tired, they just cuddle in their blankets, and listen quietly, too sleepy to fight yet!)

And then time for a special yummy breakfast, we met everyone’s requests this year…

The traditional shots on the stairs…

And at the school….

When Tucker went into school, he said ‘Hey mom, one last thing, check you’re phone’… and this is what I found.

CUTEST BOYS EVER that knew I was going to miss them, so took a pic of themselves!

Elliot didn’t go to school that day, and missed his brothers terribly. So much that he got the stickers out by himself, and started to make his brothers a sign for the front door. He asked me to write the words, and when Lorelei saw what he was doing, she joined in (Stickers are pretty awesome when you’re three and one!)

We were glad to see them when they got home, the house seemed a little to quiet, and we’re glad to hear that their first day of school went well!

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