Birthday Luau!

Traditionally for our birthday’s my parents take us out to eat. But we saw this fun Luau, and decided we’d love to do that with my parents instead. Eric’s birthday is right with ours, so naturally he came too, which we LOVE. The night of the Luau arrived, and unfortunately my parents got stuck in St. George, so they weren’t able to attend. Of course we missed them, but it still was an incredible evening!

Waiting to go in

Loved to see my boys RUNNING to meet Uncle Eric

Eric and Lorelei

Yummy food

Beautiful girl

EAt dinner on my belly? Yes please.

Handsome boy, growing bigger by the minute!

Truman is ready to go to Hawaii!

Hubba, Hubba.

Me and Lorelei

Beautiful backdrop for the night

I loved watching the dancers!

Awesome Uncle Eric, playing the balancing game. Sitting still can be hard! 🙂

Thanks again Mom and Dad! 🙂

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