More Mom n’ Me.

I sure love this class with Elliot. I enjoy watching him make friends, I enjoy socializing with the other mom’s in the class, I enjoy watching Elliot improve his social skills, I love learning together with him, and I love that he LOVES it there too.

A few highlights from some of the past few classes…

Going to a movie together

Dyeing easter eggs

Racing easter eggs, (And he chose Lorelei to be on his team! SO cute!)

And a few movies:
Dancing on the ‘grass’ game.

Flying his kite (Wind sock)

This last one is kind of weird! 🙂 They had the kids paint the dolls and clean them. We were talking about hygiene that week, and Elliot thought it was weird, as did I and the other moms. 🙂

Sure love this weekly tradition!

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