Battle of the Books!

All School Year Long Tucker has been madly, madly, madly reading books, for the schools Battle of the Books program!
I was able to volunteer thru the year with record keeping, and then help during this last week in being a timer, scorekeeper, and question asker. It was so fun for me to be part of the excitement with him!

I am so proud of him. Due to his hard work, he was chosen CAPTAIN of his team, and as a member of the ALL-STAR TEAM!

His team was named Lego People, and after a full week of ‘battling’ and a year of reading and practicing and memorizing, his team made it to the Semi-Finals (after a few days of already battling other teams)


(I think this is my all time favorite video of Tucker, as he realizes he won!)

With his teammates:

A few days later, his team went to the Finals where they vs. the Nerd Readers in a school wide assembly.

In the hallways leading up to the assembly, the kids were in the halls yelling ‘Lego People!’ over and over and over! It was so fun to hear the school cheering for their team! Soon the Reading Nerd fans kicked in, and that’s when I finally found my video camera. So here’s video of the yelling/cheering of the students between teams!

There were lots of signs, here’s our neighbor holding up some, cheering on the Lego People.

A small portion of Tuck’s cheering section.

They played the ‘let’s get ready to rumble’ music, and flashed the lights and the kids ran down the auditorium.

And then the battle began.

As team captain, he was the official answer giver.

For the answer, they had to state the book and then the author. Tucker made flashcards with the authors on them, and we went over them daily, he knew them all front words and backwards.

They missed one question, then their confidence began to ‘wain’, then they missed a another.

Unfortunately, the other team had their answers perfect.
You can tell that by watching the kids at the table, they began to sink lower and lower in their chairs. They got all the rest right, and fought hard!

They did fight a good fight, and almost won the battle!

Second place is an excellent place to be!

They were amazing, and I am so proud of him, and the work he put into this battle~

Following this ‘battle’, was the All-Star Team vs. the Teachers,

Earlier in the week he’d been sent a special invite to be part of this team!

He was sitting in the very back of the huddle circle. So it was hard to get a good pic of him.

and his team(the students) DID WIN the teachers!

The two third graders chosen to represent, on the All Star team: Tucker and his good friend Andrea.

I think it’s obvious to say, that he is already looking forward to next years battle.

So proud of you Tucker James and of your hard work!

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