the Davinci

Recently a new museum opened up in Downtown.

We thought it would be a fun activity to do with the kids, and we went on a Friday night, and the museum was strangely empty. We found lost of fun things to do there.

The lasers in the gelatin were fun to watch bend and refract the light

We created some ‘schmooshed’ art.

The dancing animation room was a hit

We all loved the green screen,

but Elliot could NOT get enough of the green screen.

‘still’ animation was fun to create.

And I was a little mesmerized by the painting on the screen. It was strangely therapeutic. (and NO MESS! 🙂 )

Tucker got to try on the boots with feet on the bottom to simulate a prosthetic limb, and was good after some practice.

And Lorelei was PLEASED as PUNCH to play on the bean bag chairs with dad.

The museum itself was wonderful, and I think we’ll go back again another time, it will be interesting to watch it ‘evolve’. 🙂

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