5 Fantastic Years…

Just seems like yesterday we brought this sweet thing home from the hospital..

And now he’s FIVE years old.

Never have I met a boy full of more compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, and adventure.

We love you Truman,
I can’t even remember life without your sweetness in it.
Love, Love, Love you.




Going from two naps to one has been a hard one for Elliot. Somehow he’s decided that he will only nap once during the day…so we have been pushing the morning nap later, and the afternoon nap earlier.

But this has resulted in a lot of this:

Screeching and sad faces


Falling Asleep at Meals (which is my personal favorite picture from the week).

And last but not least, deciding he is ready for bed, going to the fridge, shouting ‘Bob’ (bottle), then once he’s got it, he climbed up in the chair, and put himself to sleep.

We’ll get our schedule adjusted eventually, but until then, I am sure there will be plenty of the above.


A lot of Spoiling going on here…

Dinners with the Great Grandparents and Grams

Dates with Aunt Amy

And Short Weekend trip to Logan.

Only wish there was more time in life, so that we could spend more time with the people who we love so much.


Thank Heavens for Big Brothers…

who serve breakfast when mom and dad aren’t fast enough.

Truman served Elliot milk and Lucky Charms straight out of the box.
Magically Delicious.


To whom it may concern,

These night time nasties that keep appearing at our house, in the middle of the night, are no fun.

Mommies and Daddies need sleep. Especially this mommy.
Can we please get the babies teeth in, without all the teething pain, and late night/early morning tears? And the acid reflux, two weeks for the medicine to kick in, seriously???

The growing pains. Must our little boys bodies grow so fast that their legs and feet hurt so badly? And why does this happen only in the middle of the night?
Don’t get me started on the bad dreams/nightmares/night tremors.

Sleep is an essential part of being a human. And so it’d be nice to get some every once in a while (I think my whole family would agree).

*pictures taken last time we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Logan*


Another Reminder…

Remember this?
Well apparently Tuck doesn’t think I learned my lesson.

This was left next to the computer.
Wish I could get inside his brain, and figure out what he’s trying to tell me?
(’cause when I ask him he just giggles, and giggles!)



there is a collision, in my dreams of motherhood and reality.

When I dreamed of motherhood it was this…

kids doing homework at the counter, happily, whilst I made a delicious and nutritious meal.

Our dreams do come true…


Right up there with VanGough

The way this art makes me feel, when I look at it, I feel proud, excited, and like I used to when I used to visit the beautiful art museums of the world.

And it was created by my very own Truman, whose passion for drawing has been increasing daily as of late.
(Of course I am not biased or anything.)

And in case you were wondering the title? ‘I can keep my heart healthy by eating carrots’.

Look at those fingers, the perfect carrot, and awesome table? Swoon. I love it!