Yet another reason why I am not cut out to live on a ‘real’ farm…

Last night in the wee hours (read 2:30 AM) I heard the sound of our chicken coop, slamming shut and a tiny little cluck from Goose, one of our chicken.

Immediately after hearing that, I sat up quickly in bed, and smacked Christopher in the process, exclaiming, ‘the chickens!’. He understood, grabbed a shirt, ran outside, to find our neighbors dog had broken through our back fence, and made his way INSIDE THE COOP, where the dog was found by Christopher, still inside the coop going after Clementine.

We were not quick enough to save Goose, but Clementine was spared.

Truth be told, the moment of telling the boys this morning that there friend Goose was gone, was hideous. They were sad. I realized yet again, that our chickens were/are part of our family. Not just livestock. That’s why I am not cut out to be a ‘pioneer woman’, I grow attached the things that are around me.

The saddest part of all, since chicken’s are social animals, Clementine won’t be happy by herself. We are going to see if we can make arrangements for her to be re-united with Abner up at the farm.

So it seems for now, our journey with chickens is coming to an end, what a beautiful year it has been.

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Dang, sorry to hear it. How are the boys? Especially Truman since he was the chicken whisperer. There is just too much goodbyeing in this life. Our love to all of you.

I am sorry that happened. It is amazing how pets become part of the family and I know your kids love them.

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