Celebrating Truman {With our Family}

As It’s been said, you only turn FIVE once, right? So we couldn’t help celebrate this sweet boy.

He’d previously taken birthday donuts to share with his classmates, and was given the birthday crown to wear. Which he did for almost the whole day.

And when the big day finally arrived, he was excited to listen to HIS music on his mp3 player,

His breakfast of choice? Cheesey Eggs, Bacon and Toast. We opened presents.

For Lunch, his request was to go and eat with Tucker. (Makes my heart sing, that his is his request..sweet brothers) So lunch was provided a la School cafeteria, and Tuckers class even sang happy birthday to him.

And then we had to go play on the playground. Truman loved being with the big kids.

And for a special treat, he asked to watch a movie with Elliot,

Elliot wasn’t so interested, but Truman loved the idea of it.

Dad made it home early from work, and we were off to celebrate the ‘pirate way’.

Arg Matey.

Land lubbers.


We ate some pizza,

Some pirates (whom Truman was a tad bit frightened) sang happy birthday

Played a few games

(Eli figure out how to play skee ball)

Then we said goodbye to being pirates,

And as promised to Truman, we were off to the Nickle Arcade, where the boys were in heaven,

Especially Truman.

Eliott mostly wanderered around trying to figure out the crazy carpet.

And with their last nickels, they decided to play big bass. And you’ll never believe what happened.

They won the 1,000 ticket bonus.

And they were pleased as punch, able to get whatever toys they wanted.

What a perfect way to end the day…So glad to celebrate this five year old. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

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