Cabin + Phillips = a grand adventure…

We spent the weekend with the Phillips Family at my grandparents cabin (Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa!).

Before Christophers’ Family arrived(everyone besides the MI Phillips was able to come, we missed you guys!), the kids went on snowmobile rides (on which Tucker majorly freaked out when the snowmobile got stuck, because his feet got cold, I could hear them crying from the cabin but did not know what was wrong…and became worried, but obviously, everything worked out to be just fine 🙂 )

As always, the cabin is a magical place, and a wonderful place to make memories.

It is so fun to be there with family, and cousins.

There were a few nature walks,

There was some hot tubbing:

Some Happy Birthday-ing:

(Cat made another wonderful candy cake!)

I think it’s fair to state, that a great time was had by all, and as usual, the boys cried when we left. All good things must come to an end, right?

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I love your web site. I don’t reply often as I should but it sure makes life easier to see pic of you guys.
dad phillips

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