It’s a race…

When this little guy wakes up in the early afternoon from his naps…
It’s a race to see who can get there first…Truman

or Tucker.

Or sometimes I find all three giggling and reading books together in the crib.
Love, love, loving this phase.

(And yes, in case you were wondering, right now Elliot is obsessed with wearing just his diaper and his shoes. Can you blame him, those are pretty cute shoes! And yes, he does sleep with like 3 blankets, ten hundred books, and one thousand stuffed animals. If I pull them out of his bed, somedays he will just sign ‘more’ and point to his friends. But I always try to empty it out. 🙂 )

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I laughed about all the treasures Elliot likes to sleep with. He is so fun. What good brothers to help him!

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