Spring, Spring, Spring.

Elliot is loving the spring weather.

He has new (to him) toys to play with, and ride outside.

More people outside for him to watch playing, from his window (whilst he is playing).

Neighbors new baby chicks to play with,

Boys and the Chicks from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

Truman loves the chicks too..

And as you can see in the video, Elliot really wanted the chick from him!
The battle wounds have started for Truman, he’s continuously had a scrape or bruise on his face from his shenanigans outside.

Tucker has taken off right where he left off with his bike. He’s been racing around the sidewalk on his bike.

He also hasn’t given up his quest to earn money, and with a few kids from the neighborhood they sold Rocks (I keep thinking, he’s going to be deterred, when he nothing happens, but it wasn’t this time…they made money)

A great time of year, looking forward to more adventures outside.