Don’t know how I feel about this…

Me: Hey Tucker and Truman, can you keep an eye on Elliot for a second, while I run downstairs, and put the cereal away?

T and T: Yeah, mom.

Three minutes later, I return to see this:

Elliot playing Ipod (baby animal sounds)

laying down

in the middle of the dirty kitchen floor.

Me: Tucker, Truman, whose watching Elliot?

Truman: Don’t worry mom, the IPod is keeping an eye on him.

Wow, I knew my IPod was amazing, but I had no idea it had that function! 🙂

4 replies on “Don’t know how I feel about this…”

So funny how a kid so young can figure stuff out. Wes is the same way with my ipod. I’ve taken to hiding it when he is around or else he will cry and cry to play a very certain game.

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