Elliot Emily Truman Tucker

Playing Dress-ups

I love dressing my sweet Elliot.

I sometimes feel like a little girl, dressing my cabbage patch dolls (of course, when I was a little girl, I always dressing my dolls in pink, dresses full of ruffles)…

Truman and Tucker love to dress themselves, and express their personalities in their outfits. Case and point, Trumans outfit last week, that he insisted on wearing to school, camo pants, and brown plaid pants and a yellow shirt. I love that they are still untouched by the need to conform to what society says is the style…

Where as Elliot doesn’t care what I pull out of the closet (unlike the other two) , and I get to dress him a couple times a day (thanks to spit ups, and messy diapers, and etc.) And I am a sucker for sweaters…there is nothing cuter than a baby in a fluffy warm sweater, especially my little Elliot.




I’m going to enjoy dressing this sweet little one while I can, ’cause pretty soon, stylish outfits like this one, are going to be coming his way…

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