How things can change in 24 hours.

It’s amazing. For me, I have changed my view of myself, my boys and my husband IMMENSELY all in less than 24 hours. No huge experiences have occurred, but it is in the little moments that life occurs, we realize things, and come to know ourselves and those around us truly for who they are, and during 24 hours last week, my eyes were opened immensely to the true reality that is around me.

—It’s October, right? Will someone tell that to my kids and the weather? Because it was warm enough, the boys changed into their swimsuits during/after quiet time (before I knew it or was aware of it), and then BEGGED to pull out the swimming pool. In my mind I’m thinking it’s fall, it’s October, no way are we going out to the pool in our suits! As soon as those thoughts crossed my mind, I began to doubt my logic. And as you can see from the below pictures, apparently October is a good time to go swimming.

And make mud pies.

So here’s what I learned, THE LESSONS: The boys are aware and in touch with the world around them. They’re happiest when they in nature. Tucker cares about his brother, they are good at working together even though they don’t always (or often) choose to work together. Playing in mud is therapeutic, messy, and perfect for little boys souls. Being a mother my first instincts are not always right, and crazyness is okay in mediocrity!

—Following your dreams always makes your mother happy, right? For the past 2 years Tucker has talked about joining a wrestling team, and I honestly couldn’t wait to cheer my little boy on in his dreams and ambitions. Recently Those ambitions became reality as Tucker had his first practice for youth wrestling. I don’t know what I envisioned wrestling to be, but didn’t fully realized my little one would be one on one wrestling and then possibly on the bottom of that match up. At the first wrestling practice all of this became a reality. My little boy is entering the world of competitive sports. This isn’t the same as the T-Ball we’d been involved in earlier. This was real life wrestling.

More, THE LESSONS: I am so proud of Tucker following his dreams, I being the mother of 3 boys, must learn how to cheer on my boys in their indiviudal sports, and group sports they choose to participate in. Watching my son roll all over that dirty, germ infested wrestling mat is not going to kill me. I don’t like seeing my kids in a position where they can be hurt. I feel anxious. I wanted to run far, far away from that wrestling room, with both boys tucked underneath my arms, and never, ever come back. And I just might’ve if there father hadn’t have been there. Other things I learned it’s okay to be afraid, it’s what I do with it that matters. And I am going to be the best wrestling cheering mama there is. As for papa? Christopher is a natural teacher, and is good at stepping back and not being the overly involved intense parent. He is amazing at finding that perfect balance of supporting Tucker and helping him without enabling him. As for Tucker? Following your dreams fills good. Really good. And makes you happy, you just beamed while you were practicing. So my sweet Tucker, if this is your dream, I will follow you and cheer for you, and even help you practice your moves if that’s what it takes.

–Do you remember the feeling of knowing you were going on a fieldtrip? Well I do after watching my little Truman get ready for a trip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool.

what LESSONS did I learn (or re-learn): Preschoolers are so intense and wonderful as they discover new things!

I LOVE pumpkins.

I was hoping to have a Gigantic one this year from our own garden, but no such luck. I have to make myself walk past the pumpkins when I go to the grocery store, and pumpkin patches are no exception! Having one on one time with your child is priceless, and to be remembered. I also learned, Truman’s allergies act up when around farm animals,

corn mazes and hay.

While in the corn maze I was completely lost, but Truman’s instincts were right on.

He lead us right through the maze to the way out. I thought we’d be lost in there for a long time…nope! Truman loves people. He is often shy, but watching him when he does interact with them is sweet and heart warming. He is also very brave–this slide is literally as tall as our house.

You had to climb up 15 huge hay bales to go down it. He loved it, and kept telling me, mom I want to do it by myself.

So I’m sorry for the novel, but I did learn a lot, and was amazed at how much can be learned in less than 24 hours. I am sure sometimes our Heavenly Father views our lives this way–watching us grow and change, cheering us on, proud of us for following our dreams, and remembering the things he loves. Wow. 24 hours.

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Isn’t that interesting how children acquire their own identity…what they like and dislike? How fun to watch that grow and develop! I’m sure you’ll be the best wrestling mom out there!

Fall really is a great time to be outside. And it is so neat to watch kids discover them selves while playing outdoors. As for Tucker wrestling, yeah I really couldn’t handle that. I’m so proud of you! I’m glad I have a wimpy girl first. She loves her mommy to help her.

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