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Ready or not, Kindergarten here we come!

As I write this post, Tucker is sitting in his Kindergarten Classroom–for his first day of Kindergarten. How time flies.

He was up late last night, with butterflies in his stomach because of nerves, (I used to get those too), then he woke up early this morning, got dressed, and came up this morning. He told me, “I didn’t know what time it was so I got dressed quick, so we wouldn’t be late.” We still had 3 hours until school started. Plenty of time, and nothing to worry about. But sweet that he was so excited to be there.

We had a leisurely morning of adjusting the new clothes (Can I tell you how much I love adjustable waistbands? They are the GREATEST thing ever.) And taking off all the tags, then some toast and eggs, get the backpack ready, Spiked up the hair with the gel, snapped a few pictures,

then it was time for the walk around the corner to school. (which we walked with our great neighbors, the Teasdales) For me, it was too short. But Tucker couldn’t seem to get there soon enough.

We found the door with the Stars (his classroom),

took a few pictures, then Tucker insisted on being first in the line after the bell rang, to get into classroom.

He didn’t even look back, he found his backpack hook, and his desk, and was ready for school!

Truman tagged along the whole way, (being a super Truman, hence the cape) and running alongside his big brother. Every once in awhile stating, Yeah, I am going to preschool next week. (Which I can’t believe either, but that’s another post, for another day!)

And in case you’re wondering, no I am not crying as I write this post. But I did get teary eyed as I walked away from the door!

And of course, I am excited to go pick him up, to find out how it went. But I am sure it was perfectly wonderful.

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You have tears in my eyes. Seems like I just got to see this little guy for the first time in Boston. I hope the teachers are ready for him. Go for an ice cream Emily Ann

I wanted to cry the first day of kindergarten for my girls (actually I almost cried the day we went to visit the school the week before it started!) But I held strong for them, can’t be the blubbering mom at the first day of school! I hope he LOVED IT!

From Sophie – I’m starting kindergarten too! I hope you have a good baby sister, if you have one.

Nora – I hope you have a butterfly in your yard.

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