Trip to the Dentist..

This week we (Tuck and I) went in for our dental cleaning, (while my Mom entertained Truman in the waiting room).
Tucker is a good brusher, and always is quick to brush his teeth, afterwords he sometimes repeats this: (I think he must have learned it at school)
“You don’t have to brush your teeth, just the ones you want to keep”
We’ll he’s doing a good job…
He has NO CAVITIES!!! and informed me afterwords that he LOVES going to the dentist, because they have a TV in the ceiling. 🙂 Whatever it takes!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Who needs a dishwasher?

Last month (as you can see in a previous post) our dishwasher broke. We have been washing dishes by hand, and Tucker and Truman LOVE it (Toph likes it alot too actually…) There is something about bubbles and a sink full of water that children can’t resist. Someday, when we do get a dishwasher, I think that the boys are going to miss playing in the sink, and helping me with dishes. Knowing that it won’t last forever makes this task do-able for me, but not enjoyable, but of course what mother isn’t going to enjoy having her boys happy to be standing by her side? None that I know!
(Don’t worry, we don’t usually let Tuck wash dishes like that…)
As fun as it is, I still do need a dishwasher. I am a modern woman, who misses the modern conveniences of washing dishes while I sleep at night, or even better BLOG 🙂


makes me happy…

Toph found this video, our boys and I all love it, both the song and the video. Enjoy.


why i HATE being a homeowner…

Stupid Leaking Broken Dishwasher that is on my back porch…
therefore a Warped mutilated Floor that had to be pulled up,
but there is one thing I love…a wonderfully handy, and handsome husband 🙂
(you know it hubba, you are WAY handier than me– 🙂 )

Topher Truman Tucker

Truman on Love…

A conversation between Truman and Toph last night, that made me a smile–
Toph: I love you bigger than the ocean Truman?
Truman: mumble, mumble… pond
Toph: What?
Truman: I like you bigger than a duck!

Also, the night before last, Tucker was having another Night Terror (kind of like a bad,bad,nightmare), and Toph and I were asleep, and didn’t hear him tossing and turning. But Truman did, so he came out of their room, and hollered “Mom, Dad, Tucker needs some help!”

He has a sweet little heart, and I LOVE this age, when you can see it SO clearly!



Toph introduced last nights family home evening lesson about Joseph Smith by saying this…
“We are going to talk about someone special tonight,”
to which Truman responded enthusiastically, “Me!”
I’m glad he knows he is special, hopefully he can keep on remembering that especially, during those rough teenage years.
Love you Trubie!

Emily Tucker


Tucker is getting so big, after all, he is 5 years old now, and there are somethings that come with being the mother of a 5 year old. I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard the saying about “cutting the apron strings”, to allow her child to grow bigger and older, Well it is now my time to say goodbye to overalls for Tucker, in essence to cut some strings, allowing my child to grow and be the wonderful 5 year old he is and is growing everyday to be.
It is time, in fact it is past time.
Right now, the overalls are in the laundry pile, waiting for laundry day tomorrow, and after they are cleaned, they will be retired to the ‘grown out of clothes’ box, never to be worn by Tucker again.
I don’t know why, but for some reason, this makes me immensely sad. Well honestly, I do know one reason, overalls are the only pair of pants that ‘stay up’, as Tuck has no hips. 🙂
But mostly I am sad, because it is the symbolism of the end of my little boys boyhood. That is unless you live in Idaho, of course, where grown men wear overalls, (no Topher, I still don’t want to live in the countryside of Idaho, but thanks for asking).
Now, please note, that I am not saying that by any means, 5 is old, because it is not, but it is older, and old enough, to be asking to not wear overalls. I am cutting the strings….or straps as it may be.
Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.

Emily Topher Truman Tucker

FHE treats

So, my husband has been telling me for a while now, that an ESSENTIAL and IMPORTANT part of Family Home Evening (FHE), is the treats. I kind of just ‘rolled my eyes’ and said whatever to him, until I recently, gave in….
So, I have tried to step up to the challenge of better treats (instead of just rummaging thru the cupboards to see what we have), last week we had ice-cream (even though Tuck wanted to have Cheese Sandwiches), and here are the Messy, Messy, results from our talented son Truman, he learned a few great lessons.
1–The Ice Cream Container Lid, makes a great hat (we were NOT watching closely enough, and he is getter quicker by the day.)–
2–He can hold and drink from his bowl, with no hands
Now, I know why, I would rather stick to no treats, clean up is minimal 🙂
Maybe instead of no treats, I might find a less messy treat.
We’ll have to see what the next FHE treats will hold…


myself took pictures of myself!

Again, I need to remember to put the Camera up high, out of the reach of little hands…
But look at that smile, how can than not make you smile?!?!

Emily Truman Tucker

snow day!

I usually kind of keep up with the weather, but yesterday morning, when I woke up to find like 8′ of snow outside I was SHOCKED! I had NO IDEA a storm was coming in.
Of course, once the boys saw it, they immediately wanted to get their snow clothes on and go outside, I tried to help them get outside and play in the snow as quickly as possible, but even on snow days, somethings are mandatory, like breakfast and teethbrushing.
But unfortunately, Truman was having nothing of it, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He got his jammies off, then put JUST a hat and gloves on and pronounced, “I’m ready to go outside Mama!”
Yea, I don’t think so Tru-bee 🙂
Tuck had preschool, so couldn’t stay outside and play for too long, before carpool came, so he didn’t get the full snow gear on, but he did have some fun, including pretending to be a snowplow.
Truman and I stayed outside for almost 2 hours, shoveling the walks, and playing.
I forgot to mention, that somewhere in one of the snowdrifts, Truman lost his shoe. Yep. He walked around for quite a while without it on. I could tell by all the snow caked to his sock. There was so much there, that I didn’t realize he didn’t have a shoe on, not until he started saying “my toes is cold” did I realize, we were short a shoe. We’re going to have to wait for a sunny day to see if we can find it again!