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Aunty Em…

I love being an Aunt–I love my neices and nephews, and after this weekend with the Greene’s I love it even more.
Belle calls me Aunty Em, and Ikey pronounces my name, Aunt M-lee, how fun to hear your name with “aunt” in front!
The boys had their first official sleepover this weekend with the Belle and Ikey, and I wish both my camera batteries didn’t die, because the kids were DARLING and we had such a crazy, fun time!
We only had one problem. Tuck and Belle were sharing a room and Ikey and Truey were sharing another room. The problem arose, when they were having so much fun, that the didn’t want to go to sleep. So after an hour and a half of fun, we put the siblings together in separate rooms, and with in 2 minutes they were asleep. When you’re having so much fun, it takes alot of energy I guess!
I got a few shots before my battery died, playing games:
By morning my camera batteries were charged, but we were so busy playing, and taking care of the busy-ness that comes from having 4 kid, we didn’t get to many pictures. But I couldn’t pass up pictures in the dress ups!
The boys are already looking forward to another sleepover! Thanks Guys!