Kicking the Habit.

For almost five years now, Tucker has gently lulled himself to sleep with the help of either his blanket or his theseys. Well as I mentioned a few posts ago, Tucker is 5 years old now, and getting older everyday.
Being that he is getting older, and that sucking his theseys is causing damage to his teeth, It is time to say goodbye to these good friends. They have been with him along time. In every place we have lived (Boston Apt 1 and 2, Morgan Hall, our Providence house, Thorneberry Apt, and now our Home), they have helped him transition well, and given him extra comfort and love as he has needed it.
It has been almost two weeks, and he has done surprisingly well, I was expecting more tantrums, and misbehaviors. Maybe it is because we can logically reason with him, maybe we are just suckers, and should’ve taken them away along time ago, because he was ready. But either way, hurray for positive change, hurry for not finding soggy theseys all over the house, and mostly hurray for Tucker!
I am so proud of you Tucker! I know that because you can do this, you can do anything you set your mind too!
Way to go buddy,I am SO proud of you!
Here are a few of my favorite Thesey and Blankey Shots:
I hope that the thesey location goes undiscovered at least until we are truely past this addiction. Right now it truely has been out of sight out of mind. Here’s to another few weeks of thesey-less nights!

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I don’t know if I will recognize Tuck Man with you the blanket. 🙂 It has been though a lot.
I sure love Mr. Tucker.
And Emily I love that picture of you and Tuck in the blue chair. You look so pretty,
love you

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