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snow day!

I usually kind of keep up with the weather, but yesterday morning, when I woke up to find like 8′ of snow outside I was SHOCKED! I had NO IDEA a storm was coming in.
Of course, once the boys saw it, they immediately wanted to get their snow clothes on and go outside, I tried to help them get outside and play in the snow as quickly as possible, but even on snow days, somethings are mandatory, like breakfast and teethbrushing.
But unfortunately, Truman was having nothing of it, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He got his jammies off, then put JUST a hat and gloves on and pronounced, “I’m ready to go outside Mama!”
Yea, I don’t think so Tru-bee 🙂
Tuck had preschool, so couldn’t stay outside and play for too long, before carpool came, so he didn’t get the full snow gear on, but he did have some fun, including pretending to be a snowplow.
Truman and I stayed outside for almost 2 hours, shoveling the walks, and playing.
I forgot to mention, that somewhere in one of the snowdrifts, Truman lost his shoe. Yep. He walked around for quite a while without it on. I could tell by all the snow caked to his sock. There was so much there, that I didn’t realize he didn’t have a shoe on, not until he started saying “my toes is cold” did I realize, we were short a shoe. We’re going to have to wait for a sunny day to see if we can find it again!

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How fun! I heart snow days. 🙂 They actually cancelled some schools here in Boise for some snow we got from the same storm…a whopping 18 inches or something like that. Idahoans!

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